Published on May 10, 2016

Avant Garde (The Katnip Lullaby) is a gothic and psychedelic trip into the mind of one of my evil sidekicks, Katnip.

As she travels back in time, events are revealed to experience avant-garde in it’s finest fashion. From rare footage of the amazing and well known Fred Astaire to the hypnotic underground dances of Janik & Arnaut (The Snake Dance), this dark and twisted fairy tale is induced and set off by sound and memories of the past.

Avant-Garde (The Katnip Lullaby) is the active ingredient that stimulates the mind and will introduce you to new concepts. With specific sound samples and film clips, the light and sound presented in the following was designed to make the audience “trip out” without taking a hallucinogen. This is my disclosure that I am not responsible for the after effects from what you are about to see and hear.

*Not for commercial use.

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