DMNW Exclusive: Act I

The DMNW Team
October 31st 2013
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Creeping out of the dark shadows and into the moon-lit spotlight comes the mysteriously frightful scores of Scissorhands. Just as the haunting spirits arise for Halloween night, so does Scissorhands’ newly spook-tacular EP, entitled Act 1. Three power-packed, craftily made tracks make up this EP, with punching drum hits and eerie vocal and instrumental samples popping out at you like a shocking, exciting walk through a haunted house. The plethora of elements that go into the work of Scissorhands’ music is comparable to that of a film composer; Every track tells its own story.
The first track, entitled, This Is Scissorhands, is an introductory of himself to the listener, filled with spine-chilling choruses and grungy bass lines, with the ever-so-soft piano keys that twinkle above the music’s night sky. Let You Go, in contrast, is a self-induced mind-haunt that feels as if you are trying to escape a ghost-ridden night terror, with a more upbeat, drum and bass style that pounds like your heart in fear. And to finish off the EP, Forget Me Now starts off beautifully, with a soothing melody and caressing, female vocals – similar to the sprouting of a new love. Upon the build, the track ultimately smashes down, scattering and chopping the melodic elements into broken pieces, like a love lost but remembered forever.

And as his gift to you, dear readers, Scissorhands is releasing his Act 1 EP for free download – just in time for your haunted Halloween festivities.

The articulate craftsmanship that goes into Scissorhands music is something to be admired and astonished by; He can be considered the Danny Elfman of the electronic music world. Not only does Scissorhands produce mind-altering music, but he designs his own artwork, and his website is building to become a journey into his mind. Signed to Knowledge Records, we can be certain that the future holds no boundaries for his creativity, and that he is one to always leave the listener shocked and amazed.

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