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Deemed Worthy Beat Cypher 003 Submission. Soundcloud exclusive.LinksBeat Cypher 003Deemed Worthy TUMBLEWEED IS A SOUNDCLOUD EXCLUSIVE [one_fifth] SOUNDCLOUD [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth_last] [/one_fifth_last] SPECIAL THANK YOU [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth_last] [/one_fifth_last]
PurpleLungs and I are proud to present Legalize Marijuana. Exclusively released on Soundcloud, it took us 3 Versions and about 3 years to finish this bass track. Samples extracted from Peter Tosh's Legalize Marijuana.Follow PurplelungsTwitterSoundcloud LEGALIZE MARIJUANA IS A SOUNDCLOUD EXCLUSIVE [one_fifth] SOUNDCLOUD [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth_last] [/one_fifth_last] SPECIAL THANK YOU [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth_last] [/one_fifth_last]


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Back with the second part in a 3 part series of conceptual bass music releases, Scissorhands reveals another part of the story through a sonic adventure of dark and twisted sound. Exploring the uncharted forest of electronic dance music, this album will take your mind on a trip. Breaking free from the chains of traditional bass music, this album is dark and deep. After the raven escapes from her cage, she finds the castle where

Konnexion Music Festival 2016

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Category: Event Konnexion is a transformational gathering. Our goal is to build community, while celebrating social responsibility, healthy living, creative expression and personal growth through music and art. Presented by Konnexion Music Festival LLC and Headyworks and Domevizion. This event strives to create a unique environment for everyone to connect and explore. Placed in a beautiful setting in Buhl, Idaho on a beautiful property located at the pristine canyon rim of the Snake River. Konnexion features
He's back is featured on Act II, the second part in a series of three conceptual music EP releases conceived and produced by Scissorhands. He's Back (Return of the Dark Days) DIRECT LINKS [one_fifth] BEATPORT [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] SOUNDCLOUD [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] SPOTIFY [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] ITUNES [/one_fifth] [one_fifth_last] AMAZON [/one_fifth_last] SPECIAL THANK YOU [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth_last] [/one_fifth_last]


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Published on May 10, 2016 Avant Garde (The Katnip Lullaby) is a gothic and psychedelic trip into the mind of one of my evil sidekicks, Katnip. As she travels back in time, events are revealed to experience avant-garde in it's finest fashion. From rare footage of the amazing and well known Fred Astaire to the hypnotic underground dances of Janik & Arnaut (The Snake Dance), this dark and twisted fairy tale is induced and set


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Category: Event Grab your costumes, perfect those dance moves, and gather your most awesome friends, because Boise's favorite party, Sensory Illumination, is back for its 9th year of fun. This year is looking phenomenal with all the components that make this event unique. Multiple stages, flame throwers, art cars, aerial performances, a beautiful atmosphere, and of course fantastic music. We will be using even more of the parking lot this year to increase the capacity and
Dance Music Northwest October 31st 2013 see original article Introduction The darkness is calling you – begging you to turn from the bright and colorful world of EDM and into it’s back rooms; the hidden corners; the dim-lit hallways and crawl spaces of electronic music that can just as powerfully evoke your emotions, but from an entirely different angle. We want to introduce you to a different side of our personalities, one that you may very well

Something Wicked This Way Comes

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The door closes and a dreary wind approaches. Hypnotized and nowhere to run, Something Wicked This Way Comes. Top 100 Beatport dubstep chart #38. SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES DIRECT LINKS [one_fifth] BEATPORT [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] SOUNDCLOUD [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] SPOTIFY [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] ITUNES [/one_fifth] [one_fifth_last] AMAZON [/one_fifth_last] SPECIAL THANK YOU [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth_last] [/one_fifth_last]


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Category: Event The Visual Arts Collective and Red Light Variety Show present BONESHAKER, a PAY WHAT YOU WANT Halloween evening of costumes, dance music, cocktails, performance art, and so much more! Red Light Variety Show Kissee Scissorhands Reflektion [full_width] SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THE VISUAL ARTS COLLECTIVE [/full_width]

DMNW Exclusive: Act I

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The DMNW Team October 31st 2013 see original articleCreeping out of the dark shadows and into the moon-lit spotlight comes the mysteriously frightful scores of Scissorhands. Just as the haunting spirits arise for Halloween night, so does Scissorhands’ newly spook-tacular EP, entitled Act 1. Three power-packed, craftily made tracks make up this EP, with punching drum hits and eerie vocal and instrumental samples popping out at you like a shocking, exciting walk through a haunted


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Just off of co promoting Datsik and a sellout Krewella show, Audio Thrill's 4th annual Halloween party Fright Fest returns to the Powerhouse event center on Nov. 1st, the day of the dead, and is sure to be filled with booming beats and a huge variety of EDM. Den of Death(main stage) Paul Anthony of 40 Oz. Profits (Chicago/Denver, Electro, Trap) We are proud for the return of Paul Anthony. From Bangin electro to trap,
Back from the depths of the hallow, Scissorhands claws his way into our world to present us with his ACT 1 - Heads Will Roll EP. This three track EP is oozing with hauntingly constructed drum lines, earth shattering low end topped with vocal samples that will wake the dead! ACT ONE DIRECT LINKS [one_fifth] BEATPORT [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] SOUNDCLOUD [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] SPOTIFY [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] ITUNES [/one_fifth] [one_fifth_last] AMAZON [/one_fifth_last] SPECIAL THANK YOU [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth]


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Nevermore (Scissorhands,original) Think Tim Burton and the Victorian era on Dubstep! Nevermore brings melodic sounds and synths together to create a vacuum to bring you back to a mysterious place in time infused with smooth, pounding basslines, piano rhythms and a sense of losing yourself. NEVERMORE DIRECT LINKS [one_fifth] BEATPORT [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] SOUNDCLOUD [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] SPOTIFY [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] ITUNES [/one_fifth] [one_fifth_last] AMAZON [/one_fifth_last] SPECIAL THANK YOU [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth_last]